What are factors affecting wastage and stagnation how you as a teacher can overcome these factors

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FACTORS INFLUENCING HOW TEACHERS MANAGE THEIR CLASSROOMS As it is stated before, classroom management is an important figure in teaching and learning environment that is influenced by many factors.

In this paper, these factors will be dealt with under three categories as factors concerning the students, factors concerning the school environment and factors concerning teachers.

There are many factors that influence student success so let's take a look at the ones that matter most.

Notes on the meaning and causes of Wastage and Stagnation in Education

Relationships. First, learning is about relationships. Relationships between the teacher and students, new content and old content and subject matter content and its application to the real world.

Analysis and Interpretation Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 2(2)February, 87 Factors Affecting Teacher Development Activities: A Theoretical Perspective The data revealed that most of the participants should include some fresh and new contents, a.

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The most commonones include energy needs in the body, temperature and amount ofoxygen required.

factors affecting wastage and stagnation, Other Subject

These factors are influenced by the activity ofthe enzymes which will dictate the respiration rate. Credit success to external factors (luck) and attribute their failures to low ability a) they hold a fixed view of ability (believe it cannot be changed) b) during a difficult task, they experience an anxious loss of control & give-up without really trying.

What are factors affecting wastage and stagnation how you as a teacher can overcome these factors
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