The blind can see in raymond carvers narration cathedral

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The Short Story – featuring Raymond Carver’s CATHEDRAL

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Blindness in Carver’s “Cathedral”

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Carver was born on May 25, He is notable writer of the 20th century and a contributor to the revitalation of short stories. In his career, he also wrote poetry and several collections of his poems were published. Ryan Collins ENG Section N02 February 10, An Interpretation of Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” tells the story in first person narration, of a man that at first when confronted with the notion of his wife’s blind friend Robert visiting them at their home, is hung up on the fact that he is.

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- The Blind Heart in Raymond Carver's Cathedral A person’s ability to see is often taken for granted as it is in "Cathedral" by Raymond Carver. Although the title suggests that the story is about a cathedral, it is really about two men who are blind, one physically, the other psychologically.

The blind man is able to feel how a cathedral looks like in the eyes of the narrator, and the narrator feels the struggle of trying to realize what other people can see.

The blindness that separates the narrator from Robert in the beginning of the story brings them together in the end and both observe the same real world (Yahoo Contributors. The Cathedral by Raymond Carver Words | 5 Pages "The Cathedral" by Raymond Carver is an exemplar of a literature with the use of realism in which a realistic, non-ideal, ordinary life of an individual is depicted to represent a wider meaning in life or the society.

The blind can see in raymond carvers narration cathedral
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Cathedral by Raymond Carver | American Literature