Rxn of iodoethane with sodiumsaccharin

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The factors that we will be transpiring are the leaving groups. 5 0 Ethers Definition Nomenclature Physical Properties Reactions Synthesis Definition What are ethers? A class of organic compounds in which oxygen. Reaction Iodoethane with Saccharin, an Ambident Nucleophile Discussion: In this experiment, we alkylate sodium saccharin to N-ethylsaccharin with iodoethane in an aprotic solvent N,N dimethylformamide.

In fact, the reaction of iodoethane with ethoxy may be seen as a bimolecular analog of the decomposition of Cl t BuO(a). In both chemistries, an ether is formed after scission of a carbon–halogen bond; in the case of Cl t BuO(a), the product is a three-membered cyclic ether, or epoxide (IBO).

This is Organic Compounds, chapter 24 from the book Principles of General Chemistry (redoakpta.com) (v.

M). This book is licensed under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa Rxn Of Iodoethane With SodiumSaccharin Essay to of this experiment is to carry out the alkylation of sodium saccharin with iodo-ethane and analyze the product mixture to. Iodoethane ( mL) was added and heated at constant temperature (80oC) for ten minutes.

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The product was separated by adding water to the room temperature solution, further cooled in ice and the solid collected and dried via vacuum filtration.

Rxn of iodoethane with sodiumsaccharin
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