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Law-Politics-administration dichotomy

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politics-administration dichotomy does not go away because it functions as a useful myth: “For all three groups (elected officers,appointed administrators, and political scientists) the policy-administration dichotomy is a convenient crutch.

Dec 31,  · Politics-administration dichotomy topic. The Politics-administration dichotomy is a theory that constructs the boundaries of public administration and asserts the normative relationship between elected officials and administrators in a democratic society.

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The impact of Frank J. Goodnow (–) upon the study of public administration in the United States has been quite durable. Goodnow’s classic treatise Politics and Administration () was the intellectual point of departure, along with Woodrow Wilson ’s “Study of Public Administration” (), for much of the work in the field up to World War ii.

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Goodnow. Frank J.

The politics-administration dichotomy is an important concept in the field of public administration and shows no signs of going away because it deals with the policy-makers role as an administrator and the balancing act that is the relationship between politics and administration.

Politics administration dichotomy essayscorer
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