Moldovas relations with european union

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Foreign relations of the European Union

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Moldova's Relations with European Union

More Moldovans say their country has better relations with the European Union (57%) and Ukraine (47%) than Russia (43%). Additionally, the current parliament continues to express dissatisfaction and opposition towards the president’s pro-Russian orientation.

Moldova's Relations with European Union 1. Historical overview By many years, Basarabia (currently, Moldova) - a territory of just 33, km2, located between two rivers: Nistru and Prut, mainly populated by Romanians, was a mean of exchange between Ottoman and Russian Empire.

Moldova established its diplomatic relations with other countries and organizations, including European Union (EU). Despite the relative short period of cooperation between Moldova and EU, these relations were marked by striking “ups and downs”. The European Union is Moldova's biggest trade partner.

Around 66% of its exports are sent to the EU, followed by Russia (10%) and Belarus (6%). The EU's trade with Moldova accounts for % of.

Foreign Relations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI) is the specialized central body of public administration authorized to promote and implement the foreign policy of the State. The active participation to the programs of the European Union (EU) is one from the objectives of the process of European.

EU Trade relations with Moldova. Facts, figures, latest developments and archives. latest developments and archives. European Commission Directorate-General for Trade. Accessibility tools. Go to content; Go to portal navigation; Go to language options The Association Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova .

Moldovas relations with european union
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Moldova's Relations with European Union