Lead bank scheme

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Lead Bank Scheme: All You Need to Know

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Lead Bank Scheme

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Lead Bank Scheme (LBS) • The National Credit Council has appointed a study group inunder the Chairmanship of redoakpta.com to suggest an appropriate organisational framework for effective implementation of social objectives.5/5(4).

Lead Bank Scheme In Telangana State, Lead Bank responsibilities of 18 Districts are sponsored by SBI, 9 Districts are sponsored by Andhra Bank, 2 Districts are sponsored by Canara Bank and 2 Districts are sponsored by Syndicate Bank. Lead Bank Scheme refers to scheme under which one of the commercial banks act as a lead bank and coordinates the activities of another financial institutions.

By mid 90s, the lead bank scheme covered districts. PROBLEMS.

Lead Bank Scheme

There is a confusion regarding the concept of ‘Lead Bank’ especially for opening branches –ambiguous scope & objectives. Lag in Co-ordination & effective functioning b/w banks & financial institutions.

The Lead Bank Scheme was introduced in to provide lead roles to individual banks (both in public sector and private sector) for the districts allotted to them. The Lead Bank Scheme was introduced by RBI on the basis of the recommendations of both the Gadgil Study Group and Banker’s Committee (Nariman Committee).The studies by the committees found that the rural areas were not able to.

Lead Bank Scheme (LBS) was introduced inbased on the recommendations of the Gadgil Study Group. ContentsBackgroundObjectives of Lead Bank Scheme:Area ApproachLead.


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Lead bank scheme
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