How can you use critical listening skills to persuade others to agree with your ideals and thoughts

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Critical Listening

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Communication Skills: strategy, content

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Key skills here include Empathy, and good Listening Skills, including Active Listening. If you listen, your audience will usually tell you what and how they are thinking.

If you listen, your audience will usually tell you what and how they are thinking. Critical listening may be based on the subject-matter being talked about and assumes the listener is sufficiently expert in the subject matter to be able to form a valid opinion.

Logic It may also be based on the logic and structure of the argument being proposed, which assumes the listener has a sound grasp of logic and argumentation. Here are some of the ways to use critical listening skills in persuading somebody.

Giving a full attention to the audience and the issue in question is key.

Critical Listening

This is important since it makes the audience feel that you are available for them. To increase your critical listening skills, continue developing your ability to identify the central issues in messages so that you can take accurate notes that represent the meanings intended by the speaker.

How can you use critical listening skills to persuade others to agree with your ideals and thoughts
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Listening Critically | Stand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking