How can a company with a high roe have a low pe ratio

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These 10 low beta & high ROE stocks rose over 1000% in last 5 yrs; do you own them?

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High-ROE, Low-PE Investing - As It Applies To AT&T And Verizon Communications Inc.

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Screening for companies which have consistently high ROE and low P/E (and low P/B) can throw up some interesting bargains particularly in times of market stress (we seem to have entered such a.

Liquidity ratios should fall within a certain range—too low and the company cannot pay off its obligations, or too high and the company is not utilizing its cash efficiently. Current Ratio. Sep 24,  · Its fairly intuitive that a company with a high CAP and high ROE should have a high PE.

But these permutations have thrown a few insights For similar CAP and growth rates a company having an ROE of 20 % should have a PE which is times that of a company with an ROE of 10%.Author: Rohit Chauhan.

The company could just be a bad company and could be losing money hand over fist, or the company could have had a one time occurrence such as a big acquisition or some other event that just affected this years earnings, or they could be an awesome high growth company that is heavily investing for their future and forgoing locking in profits now.

A company with high growth prospects could have a high ratio and still be a good buy. So it’s always worth doing other research before buying stocks – not just zeroing in on the P/E ratio.

High Price-Earnings and a Low Market-to-Book Ratio

The ratio isn’t the only number to consider when you’re deciding whether to buy shares. The PE ratio of a high growth firm is a function of the expected extraordinary growth rate - the higher the expected growth, the higher the PE ratio for a firm.

In Illustrationfor instance, the PE ratio that was estimated to bewith a growth rate of 25%, will change as that expected growth rate changes.

How can a company with a high roe have a low pe ratio
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Why PE Ratios Are Not A Good Measure Of Value - New Constructs