Cell anaolgy table

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Analogy - Cell

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Analogy - Cell

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Cell Analogy Example 1. CELL = RESTAURANT Cells are made up of parts called organelles that help the cell function properly. Restaurants also require several parts in order to function properly. 2. CELL MEMBRANE = THE RESTAURANT DOORS The Cell Membrane.

Transcript of Cell Analogies Project Emily Gustason Cell Analogy Presentation Function: The cell membrane is the outer boundary of the cell, so it separates the animal cell from all the other cells. Cell Part Kingdom Analogy Why this analogy makes sense 1 Nucleus King The nucleus is the largest organelle and directs all cell activity, just like a king who controls and directs activity going on throughout the kingdom and is known as the biggest person in relation with power.

2. The cell membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell. The doors control what go in and out of the redoakpta.com Membrane – The Doors 6.

Cytoplasm is the jelly-like stuff in the cell that keeps everything in place. Security guards keep the mall in line and everyone in their redoakpta.comasm – Security Guards. video cell analogy. The “Analogy of a cell Project” contained within this document offers a timeline for this lesson.

Approximate Time Needed 5 class periods Materials and Resources Required for Lesson Technologies COWS. Inside cell, nucleus is the instruction centre, where instruction for the synthesis of products or proteins is coded.

It is protected by a nuclear membrane, ensuring its protection from the rest of the cell.

Cell anaolgy table
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