A biography of ponce de leon a spanish conqueror and explorer

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History of Florida

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Tim Kaine is right, Spanish was first European language spoken in United States

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Juan Ponce de Leon

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Biography of Juan Ponce de León (ca.

Age of Discovery

). Conqueror and Spanish Explorer born between and possibly in Santervás de.

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Spanish conquistador Pedro De Alvarado was known for his skill as a soldier and for his cruelty to the native populations of Mexico. Explorer, Governor (c. –). The Spanish conqueror and explorer Juan Ponce de León conquered the island of Puerto Rico and explored the coastline of Florida, which he claimed for the Spanish crown.

Juan Ponce de León was born in San Servas. Introduction Juan Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer who traveled around Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, and Florida.

Juan Ponce de LeÓn Biography

He is credited with establishing a European settlement in Puerto Rico, being the first European to reach Florida, giving the land its name.

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A biography of ponce de leon a spanish conqueror and explorer
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